Against the Wall is my contemporary novel set in the Victorian Village of Ferndale, California. Elise, a minister’s wife, wakes up in ICU after attempting suicide. She is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She tries to reconcile her questions about God, her marriage and determine the next steps for her life. 

Zed, Elise’s husband, is the pastor of a large church, Zed Norris Ministries. He preaches and believes the Prosperity Gospel is the answer to all of life’s problems. He and Elise own a luxury home, take expensive vacations, and drive high-end cars. They believe all of their possessions indicate God blesses their lives. He misunderstands Elise and believes her disorder is due to a lack of faith. Will he find answers? 


 The first two pages of my novel, Against the Wall, is published in Written Across the Genres. A short story, One Small Sentence, is in Voices of the Valley: Word for Word. The non-fiction story, The Christmas Tree, is in A Kiss Under the Mistletoe. 



Harlequin 2013 Christmas Anthology